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The type of loft conversion that is right for you all depends on your property, requirements and needs. Take a look below at the different types of loft conversion that we offer at New Heights. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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Gable Dormer

Hip to Gable

Nantucket Dormer

Also known as roof light conversions, Velux conversions get their name from the well-known leading manufacturer of roof windows and so the name has become associated with this type of loft conversion. This type of conversion does not require planning permission, which makes it a very popular choice, because it is very cost effective.

The most commonly fitted loft conversion is the dormer loft conversion. A dormer loft conversion is carried out by extended the existing roof to provide more floor space and headroom within the loft. It is an extension to the existing roof that projects vertically from a sloping roof, creating additional floor space and headroom within the property. Inside the conversion there will be a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls as opposed to the usual sloped sides of a conversion.

If you would like a loft conversion but your attic space is limited by a hip-ended roofline, then a hip to gable loft conversion is the solution for you. The gable wall will be built upon until level with the hip line whereby additional roofing is added.

This dormer structure is slightly more complicated, as it is a dormer structure comprising of two gable dormers connected by a shed dormer.

This type of conversion is also known as a doghouse dormer. The front of this dormer rises along a flat plane to a point at the ridge of the dormer roof.

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